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Wilder Wisdom // Look back in 2016

January 10, 2017

What was your favorite drop in 2016?

My favorite drop was the Statue of Tyranny. The idea was conceived, executed and dropped in a matter of hours. It was directly following the election and I feel it was culturally relevant and a great expression of the collective consciousness at that time.

Where was your favorite place you visited?

Japan was incredibly inspiring, but nothing can top Barcelona.  

When were your most memorable moments?

When Richard Branson came to Factory and personally commissioned an art piece.

Who was your biggest influencer in 2016?

Frank Wilder in 2020...

How would you describe last year in one word? 




Custom Jewlery / Totem / Factory / 3d print 


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Totem Sizes 

Mega pendant: Roughly 1.5" tall

Micro pendant: Roughly 1" tall

Nano pendant: Roughly .5" tall


Chain Lengths: 

Ring sizes as follows: 

Size 6 = 16.45 mm diameter

Size 7 = 17.3 mm diameter

Size 8 = 18.2 mm diameter

Size 9 = 19 mm diameter

Size 10= 19.8 diameter

Size 11= 20.6 mm diameter

Size 12 = 21.4 mm diameter


You can also wrap a string around your finger and take the measurement in millimetres, from there we will be able to determine your ring size. Please contact if you need custom sizing or your ring size and Frank will send you a ring sizer.