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Conscious Cobra



As a spirit animal, the Cobra slithers into life to change our direction, a call to give up the past and focus on the present. As the cobra sheds its skin, it invites you to give up your old perceptions of things and the representation of change, rebirth, and transformation. Because the snake is usually seen on the ground, it is also linked to the earth and life itself, It is also said that it symbolizes the umbilical cord that joins all humans with Mother Earth. The Cobra Totem can open chakras, it represents Kundalini energy, the Cobra is the energy coiled at your spine. The coiled serpent, which according to Kundalini yoga is where creativity and emotions are seated along with our deepest desires and motivations. 


Wear this Totem as a reminder of the dualism between good and evil.  Be aware of the people around you, and use your highest levels of discernment when connecting with deep relationships because there are always venomous snakes in the grass ready to strike. When connecting with this Totem there is a call to to shed old habits that no longer serve you, inviting you to seek self-improvement. Let your inner Cobra guide your consciousness into the higher dimensions.


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