Balanced Bear

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The Balanced Bear Totem serves as a strong source of support in times of difficulty, providing courage and a sturdy foundation to face any obstacles you may encounter. When a Bear or this Bear Totem shows up in your life it is a call to take a stand for your beliefs and your truth. A reminder that your presence inspires respect and perhaps it is time to take a leadership role in your life and take action without fear.


Wear this Totem as a reminder to channel your inner braveness, just like the great Bear there comes times where you need to stand up for your family, your beliefs and your rights as a sovereign being of this world and the spirit world.




Each Totem is created using Frank's Innovative - Ancient meets Future Technique. A process merging Digital Sculpting, 3D printing & Lost Wax Casting. Using only Precious and Semi Precious Gems and Metals Frank Alchemizes Energy from other realms into Artifacts.


  • All Totems Are Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold.
  • Designed in Frank's California Studio.
  • Manufactured in Frank's New York City Fact0ry.
  • All Chains are Created in Italy.
  • All Totems Have a Lifetime Guarantee. With replacement of any bent or broken Totems.




All Items are Custom Crafted & Ship in 10-12 Business Days. After placing your order, you will receive a series of emails guiding you along the creation process of your Totem. If you have any questions please email Nadia at


All orders in the United States will receive Free Shipping, along with International orders over $280.


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