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E.T. Wilder


Limited Edition of 33


Crafted using "Element X" this Totem has many special traits that are truly out of this world, and something something I am very excited to share with you. This rare material is only found in one place on earth, and that place is Wilder World.


Some myths claim it was engineered by Russian scientists during the Cold War, others claim it simply cannot be made by humans... or from this planet. One thing is for sure and that is, nothing like this has ever been revealed before. Anti- gravity, free energy and even time travel is possible when working with "Element X". Do not handle this responsibility lightly Friends of Frank, for this Totem will change the course of history.


This Totem is a tribute to our friends from galaxies near and far, from distant moons and stars. We know they are close, keeping a watchful eye, perhaps we encounter them in our day to day lives. One thing is for certain peace is the way, something to keep in mind, for that fateful day. Welcome to earth, you are welcome to stay 👽


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