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Harness the sacred energy of Destiny, happiness, tranquility and harmony. Wear this Totem as a set or share with someone who gives you balance ☯️
This Totem is a symbol of duality and harmony. Light and darkness, positive and negative, objective and subjective, mental and physical, male and female, life and death, heat and cold, soft and hard. A reminder you cannot have one without the other. Duality is part of the very structure of reality. Not only do dualities need each other to exist, they actually contain the seed of each other. This is because dualities contain an element of their opposite. There is no pure polarity without its opposite and in each polarity is the seed of its opposite. Neither Yin nor Yang is absolute, as nothing is completely Yin or completely Yang. Each aspect contains the beginning point for the other aspect, such as as the day gradually flowing into the night. Yin Yang is not static, something we must remember to be mindful of, the nature of Yin and Yang flows and changes with time.


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