Mixed Media, Acrylic, Resin and Real American Currency on 30" x  30" Canvas 

The initial inspiration for this piece came from Basquiat's "Untitled" Painting that sold last week for an astounding $110.5 Million USD. The 1982 work is the most expensive piece ever sold by an American Artist, surpassing another American Art Icon, Andy Warhol.

I created this canvas in ode to Jean Michel Basquiat. Bringing his excellence to life in true Frank fashion.

From being sold for $19,000 USD in 1982 to its current price today, It's clear that art creates Legacy.

Who knows how much this piece will be worth in 35 years...


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Totem Sizes 

Mega pendant: Roughly 1.5" tall

Micro pendant: Roughly 1" tall

Nano pendant: Roughly .5" tall


Chain Lengths: 

Ring sizes as follows: 

Size 6 = 16.45 mm diameter

Size 7 = 17.3 mm diameter

Size 8 = 18.2 mm diameter

Size 9 = 19 mm diameter

Size 10= 19.8 diameter

Size 11= 20.6 mm diameter

Size 12 = 21.4 mm diameter


You can also wrap a string around your finger and take the measurement in millimetres, from there we will be able to determine your ring size. Please contact Info@FrankWilder.com if you need custom sizing or your ring size and Frank will send you a ring sizer.