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The Lionsgate Portal is activated each year on August 8th (8.8) when the Sun, Sirius, and the Earth move to specific points in the sky. During this time it is easier to access higher realms, and receive downloads from the universe as 8 is the number of balance of power and infinity. It is also a favorable time for healing wounds, and opening both the heart chakra and third eye and acting from a place of higher consciousness. The energy from this Lionsgate Totem is about honoring empathic gifts and knowing that they can be a source of strength, rather than a weakness. Wear this Totem as a reminder to show strength like the mighty Lion, as well as compassion acting as the light and to those around you. In the world we live in, empathy is not always encouraged, but let this Totem serve as a reminder we must show love and acceptance, to ourselves, and those around us.


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