Mori Ring

Size Guide

Memento Morí  

On the inside of your hands you will see the letters M.M. It means 'Memento Mori' - The Latin expression as a reminder that someday, you must die.

It may sound macabre but the true message lies within remembering to truly live your life. During my travels in France I visited the catacombs, deep below the city and the skulls and bones had a profound effect on me. The ancient remains of over six million people held a powerful energy and the Western stigma of death and dying seemed to disappear. 

This piece represents those who have transitioned to the other side and to celebrate our own lives.

Crafted in Sterling Silver


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Totem Sizes 

Mega Sized pendant: Roughly 1.5" tall

Micro Sized pendant: Roughly 1" tall

Nano Sized pendant: Roughly 1/2" tall


Chain Lengths: 

Ring sizes as follows: 

Size 6 = 16.45 mm diameter

Size 7 = 17.3 mm diameter

Size 8 = 18.2 mm diameter

Size 9 = 19 mm diameter

Size 10= 19.8 diameter

Size 11= 20.6 mm diameter

Size 12 = 21.4 mm diameter


You can also wrap a string around your finger and take the measurement in millimetres, from there we will be able to determine your ring size. Please contact if you need custom sizing or your ring size and Frank will send you a ring sizer.