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Salvador's Mask

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Frank Wilder Certified



Each Totem is created using Frank's Innovative - Ancient meets Future Technique. A process merging Digital Sculpting, 3D printing & Lost Wax Casting. Using only Precious Gems and Metals Frank Alchemizes Energy from other realms into Artifacts.


  • All Totems Are Crafted in .925 Sterling Silver or 14 Karat Gold.
  • Designed in Frank's California Studio.
  • Manufactured in Frank's New York City Fact0ry.
  • All Chains are Created in Italy.
  • All Totems Have a Lifetime Guarantee. With replacement of any bent or broken Totems.





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The ancient symbolism of the mask used in divine rituals refers to the spirit we present in the face of super-real events. It is also believed that supernatural forces entered into, and resided inside, the head and face of human beings. Consequently, a Mask worn over a face served as either a greeting to, or barrier against, spirit messengers. In the dream sense, the mask may represent the personal spirit and animated face we present in certain situations in our life.


This Totem is in honor of the new Wilder Mask collection releasing soon. Sculpted after Artist Salvador Dalí and his iconic mustache. Anonymity is a superpower and this Totem embodies this philosophy. Harness your inner superhero.



All Items are Custom Crafted & Ship in 10-12 Business Days. After placing your order, you will receive a series of emails guiding you along the creation process of your Totem. If you have any questions please email Nadia at


All orders in the United States will receive Free Shipping, along with International orders over $280.


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