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Silverback Spirit


Some people mistake the gorilla as being overly ferocious and aggressive due to its stature and power. Yet this misconception could not be further from the truth. This spirit animal is as gentle as it is peaceful. The truth is that human beings do not feel very comfortable around anything that might expose their true identity. In truth, the Silverback Spirit Totem is a channel of wisdom. It has the ability to impart positive energies into your life. Those who have a close association with this animal have come to associate it with nobleness. To understand this, you need to consider how the gorilla operates in its natural habitat. You observe that these creatures are highly sociable. Their methods of communication are quite intricate. What’s more, they interact with each other with a great deal of honor. The gorilla understands what members of their community are going through. The gorilla knows the importance of sharing responsibilities.

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