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Statue of Tyranny



One of One


2.5 Feet Tall


Crafted with a fully recycled Wilder Polymer, finished with gold infused paint and epoxy resin.


During a time of advanced technology, mass connection and new security protocols we must keep our wits about us. Technology can liberate but also cripple us if our relationship to it is not questioned deeply and approached consciously. With our ability to have global access to the degree to which was once thought to be unfathomable, the power is in the people to use our personal information and identities wisely. There is a game happening beneath the game of global economics - The data race. Technology juggernauts have been rapidly collecting and indexing user data. It is with this information that will give rise to the next wave of emergent technologies like Artificial Intelligence. What if by tracking your every decision a computer program was able to make choices and present you information, before you were actually able to consciously make that “choice” for yourself?


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