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The Rebirth



This Totem is a call to action, an urge to join the revolution of sustainability. It takes everyone committing to the future in order for success and a sustainable life for our children, and children to come.


The sands of time have rendered a fear, as the blue skies we know are no longer clear. The Stars were bright, from whence they came. Now dimmed in the fade, obscured by pollution's haze. Crystal clear our waters gleamed, fish abundant, the rivers they streamed. Ocean floors covered sandy white, now littered, brown, due to pollution's plight. Trees towered high above, giant trunks baring ancient love. Birds chirping from up above was a gift, disappearing as paper to join pollution's grip. One can't blame pollution alone, because as they say, you reap what you've sown. So let us plant a better seed, tear out old roots, cultivate and weed. Protect what has been given for free; our waters, skies, wildlife and trees. For once they're gone, it is too late, consider yourself warned of that fatal day.

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