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Transcendent Tiger



Transcendent Tiger


The Transcendent Tiger Totem is powerful instrument during the process of moving and shifting awareness beyond the body. Opening the mind, emotions and awakening to the consciousness of the soul and who we truly are, gaining true inner awareness.


Once this consciousness is established we are no longer bound or limited by body or by this physical world. As we awaken more to the consciousness of our soul, we naturally experience and express more of the qualities of our true nature – love, peace, joy, wisdom, compassion, and abundance. Balanced with Sacred Tiger energy this totem invokes silent yet solitary power, the Transcendent Tiger helps to guide us in cultivating inner strength and confidence. Wear this Totem to stay focused on life passions, to be persistent, and work hard to achieve our goals.


During your practice of Transcendence attune to the sound current 432 – the audible energy that flows from the source of all creation. The sound current is the spiritual energy on which a person returns to the heart of the universe- Listen to 432 Hz to unlock the secrets of this Totem and the universe. 


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