Tupac Totem

Chain Length




There are a select few individuals that have pioneered Rap music, and the music industry as a whole. Changing the whole game and influencing what we listen to today.

Two alive, two dead All equally as influential as the next. Always pushing the limits, evem if it got them killed. B.I.G and Tupac, Eminem and Jay-Z. All from much different places, but all focused on the same thing. Greatness, and pushing the Rap game and culture forward at all times.

This collection represents those who love music, have respect for the Rap game and the pioneers of rap music. Commemorating the greats around your neck. Be Notorious.

This item is available in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold.


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Totem Sizes 

Mega pendant: Roughly 1.5" tall

Micro pendant: Roughly 1" tall

Nano pendant: Roughly .5" tall


Chain Lengths: 

Ring sizes as follows: 

Size 6 = 16.45 mm diameter

Size 7 = 17.3 mm diameter

Size 8 = 18.2 mm diameter

Size 9 = 19 mm diameter

Size 10= 19.8 diameter

Size 11= 20.6 mm diameter

Size 12 = 21.4 mm diameter


You can also wrap a string around your finger and take the measurement in millimetres, from there we will be able to determine your ring size. Please contact Info@FrankWilder.com if you need custom sizing or your ring size and Frank will send you a ring sizer.