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Vaporwave Jacket


The first jacket in a collaboration with Water & Bird. A true statement piece that channels Alchemical Laws, Ancient Archetypes, Indigenous Medicine, and Vedic Meditation to help raise energetic vibrations. Protection from negative energy. Channel your Mercurial energies in this Ceremonial Smoking Jacket. Mercury is the ruler of our shadow selves and creative forces, this dense Red Planet invites us to embrace all sides of ourselves.


Water & Bird Kimonos are sewn in extremely small batches, using ethical fabric sourced from around the world. Our fabrics must uphold to our Ethical Mission of being sustainably created by being: vintage, upcycled, using natural vegetable or mineral dye, or made by our artisan community partners. 


Please note that all of our kimonos are mindful of both masculine and feminine energies and are made to be unisex. 


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